Lotus Deluxe

Lotus Deluxe

Match similar patterns and discover the new challenges on the way

Lotus Deluxe is an entertaining game for everybody who enjoys playing with nymphs and flowers, matching similar patterns and entering a virtual fairy-world.
In Lotus Deluxe you enter a magic environment where you are supposed to help Nirja, a water nymph, to pick up similar lotus flowers before they enter into the whirlpool. The level of difficulty changes gradually as you complete each stage. There are hints which help beginners. The players will also receive bonuses, such as dragonflies, that make matches, slow down the speed towards the whirlpool or turn backwards the row of flowers. There are also bonus flowers which you can use to match with those in the row.

As you go to a new level, new challenges await for you: more colors, more patters, higher speed level. The soundtrack is also very entertaining and helps you integrate better in the oriental fairy world.

Lotus Deluxe is very captivating, as you'll find yourself caught in this magic atmosphere, and you'll want to stay there and face all challenges, discover what's next and find out how you will be able to overpass the coming levels.

Besides the entertaining part, the game also has the benefits of high quality performance of animation and sound, which guarantee that the time you'll spend playing will be enjoyed to the fullest. For sure, it's worth giving Lotus Deluxe a try.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • Entertaining game
  • Two Game Modes: Adventure and Challenge
  • Over 75 Levels


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